LTDCLearning Technology Development Council (University of Wisconsin System)
LTDCLes Troubadours du Chaos (French: The Troubadours of Chaos)
LTDCLoyalist Training and Development Centre (Loyalist College; Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
LTDCLake Taupo Development Company (New Zealand)
LTDCLombok Tourism Development Centre (tourism facility; West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia)
LTDCLong-Term Data Collection
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Although the MacBride Commission included representatives from both "developed" and "less developed" countries, it tended to highlight the problems faced by the LTDCs in gaining what they felt to be adequate representation in international mass media dominated by Western perspectives.
Terms such as "cultural domination" and "cultural imperialism" stressed the damage caused to local cultures by films, television, music, and other forms of media that were wholly Western and tended to submerge and displace local forms of cultural expression whenever they were imported into LTDCs.
One criticism aimed at the model of journalistic professionalism espoused by the Western media was its alleged failure to serve the interests of development so badly needed in the LTDCs.
Shuanyi Industry Company LTDC, General Manager Chun-Jen Chen stated, "Xtreme's boats are very versatile and are perfect for many different water purposes.