LTDILearning Technology Dissemination Initiative
LTDILong-Term Disability Insurance
LTDILa Tondena Distillers Inc. (Philippines)
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Claimants are also experiencing less down time from these LTDI claims because of new medical technologies, Hader says.
Part-time work accommodations, for example, are an option for those weaning off of LTDI after battling cancer.
As older employees are increasingly delaying retirement, LTDI claims among that age group are growing, Murphy says.
According to the CDA study; more women are fairing to injuries and firing LTDI claims, which Garofalo attributes to the number of women in the work force.
Because of the nature of their work environments, they are more susceptible to physical injuries and are usually down longer from their LTDI claims.
Offering LTDI to all employees on a noncontributory basis may be the safest option, but many employers are struggling to cut costs in this economy.
As more employers either stop offering benefits altogether or streamline what they are willing to pay for, employers will still continue to offer LTDI because this coverage is important in attracting and keeping a talented work force," Murphy says.
Brenner believes LTDI sales will grow over the next couple of years because of health care reform.