LTDRLong Term Data Record (climate studies; US NASA)
LTDRLaser Target Designator Rangefinder
LTDRLexical Types Definition Requirements
LTDRLegion of the Dark Revenge (online gaming)
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Dependent Variable: LTDR Table 4: Coefficients (a) and 't' value of the ten independent variables of Model 3 Independent Unstandardised Standardised Variables Coefficients Coefficients B Std.
7)I control for SIZE, OPINC, and CAPEX to be consistent with Berger and Ofek (1995), and I control for LTDR since previous literature suggests that firms with different leverages respond differently to market shocks.
SIZE is the logarithm of market value, where market value is the book value of assets minus the book value of equity plus the market value of equity; OPINC is operating income before interest and taxes deflated by sales revenue; CAPEX is capital expenditures deflated by sales revenue; and LTDR is the amount of long-term debt over the book value of assets.