LTERLong Term Ecological Research
LTERLong Term Ecosystem Research (International Long Term Ecological Research Network)
LTERLong-Term ECG (electrocardiogram) Recording (cardiology)
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This study reveals what short-term experiments have missed: that the effects of biodiversity loss on ecosystems are more complex, severe and unpredictable than previously thought," says Matt Kane, an NSF LTER program director.
Learn more about the Harvard Forest LTER Schoolyard Ecology program at http://harvardforest.
Our ARS national program in rangeland melds well with LTER goals.
In November and December 1999, soils adjacent to 6 experimental plots at the Lake Hoare LTER site (Fig.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) began the LTER program in 1980 with six sites representing such ecosystems as lakes, forests, and prairies.
In contrast to most grant-funded research, which spans only a few years, LTER studies are often sustained over decades, documenting gradual changes and long-term variability that often cannot be revealed by short-term studies.
The recent El Nino events of the 1990s have been associated with large increases in rodent populations in both North and South America," explains Scott Collins, LTER program director at NSF.
The research was carried out by scientists with the National Science Foundation's (NSF) LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) program.
ECOPOTENTIAL focuses on internationally recognized PAs in Europe and beyond in a wide range of biogeographic regions, and it includes UNESCO, Natura2000 and LTER sites and Large Marine Ecosystems.
LifeWatch;(3) develop the organisational framework for data integration and enable virtual access to the LTER data by enabling data publishing through distributed Data Nodes and by providing access to data on key research challenges through a Data Integration Platform; (4) foster the societal relevance, usability and multiple use of information, data and services through new partnerships with the providers of remotely sensed data, analytical services and scenario testing models, and via the adoption of new measurement technologies.
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