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LTFLife Time Fitness
LTFLocal Transportation Fund
LTFLearning to Fly
LTFLost to Follow-Up (testing)
LTFLong Term Fund (investing)
LTFLogistics Task Force
LTFLegislative Task Force
LTFLight the Fire
LTFLine Trunk Frame (telecommunications)
LTFLead the Fleet (US DoD program)
LTFLargest Task First (scheduling strategy)
LTFLeap to Frogans
LTFLong Term Forecast
LTFLaying the Foundation, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
LTFLow Temperature Facilities
LTFLong Term Facility (hospitals)
LTFLung Transplant Foundation (Raleigh, NC)
LTFLackland Training Facility
LTFLong Term Fatigue
LTFLook, Tone and Feel
LTFLocal Training Flight
LTFLong-Term Fix
LTFLiquid Tight Fitting (connector)
LTFLatest Thinking Forecast (project or budget revisions)
LTFLive the Fourth (Kairos retreats)
LTFLebanese Taekwondo Federation
LTFLanguage-Trait Focused (linguistic)
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LTF 548 used MTS and BFT to monitor recovery missions.
Based on the BCT fuel resupply plan, either the LTF or the ESG transports the fuel from Fort Polk to the aircraft staging airfield at the intermediate staging base in Alexandria, Louisiana, where it is transloaded into the ABFDS.
Table 151: LTF - Lyon-Turin Rail Tunnels Development - Rhone-Alpes, Project Owner Contacts
Table 26: LTF - Lyon-Turin Rail Tunnels Development - Rhone-Alpes, Project Owner Contacts
Marilyn Cobb, LTF math trainer and writer, will present "Implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics" on Thursday, Feb.
Because LTF is not a curriculum, LTF lessons can easily be integrated into existing curriculums to save time and money.
LTF has trained more than 31,000 teachers over the last eight years and is poised for even greater success in the future.
Near-term my top priorities are to grow market share and increase the sales of our core product families, and continue progress on our LTF immunoassay platform," she said.
LTF has provided training for thousands of teachers in Texas and nine other states.
5 years on COPAXONE(R) but returned for LTF at a mean of 10 years from the start of the trial.
Skandera comes to LTF from Academic Partnerships, where she served as Executive Vice President.
Moreover, we believe that our LTF technology has the potential to significantly improve margins and strengthen our industry position.