LTFRBLand Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board
LTFRBLand Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (Philippines)
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The LTFRB shall be responsible in the filing, initiation and prosecution of the criminal action sanctioned under the proposed Act.
It shall be the responsibility of the LTFRB and the Land Transportation Office (LTO), under the auspices of the DOTC, to jointly coordinate and institute measures designed to discourage and entirely eliminate the use of colorum motor vehicles, the measure provides.
The LTFRB will ask callers filing complaints if they are willing to attend a hearing.
If the caller does not want to attend a hearing, the LTFRB will send a Show Cause Order (SCO) or reprimand letter signed by the Chairman asking the respondent to explain why they should not be sanctioned for their reported violation; the respondent must provide an answer within 5 days from receipt of the SCO.
What the bus company committed is blatant multiple violations that we cannot just tolerate because it puts people's life in danger," LTFRB Chairman Atty.
The simplified tagline on all PUBs/PUVs will now read LTFRB 24/7 Hotline 1342.
The LTFRB officials indicated that such services may fall under the existing vehicle-for-hire category, and that the corresponding rules could be updated in order to encourage the use of similar technologies across other public land transport services, including taxis.
The LTFRB made it clear that government regulation is a must where public services are concerned.
Abaya and LTFRB officials will meet with Uber officers soon in an effort to modernize government s regulatory function over vehicles for public use, in such a way that innovative solutions will be allowed to flourish, without sacrificing safety and security oversight functions.
At the same time, we recognize the LTFRB for sticking to the law and performing its duties without fear or favor.
Secretary Transportation and Communications Mar Roxas said the improvements will help LTO and LTFRB to further enhance the effective and efficient delivery of services to the public.
27 million for the renovation and expansion of various LTFRB offices in the country.