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LTFVLess Than Fair Value (dumping and subsidies investigations under the US Tariff Act of 1930)
LTFVLuen Thai Fishing Venture (seafood company; Hong Kong)
LTFVLate-Time Feature Vector
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or tangential contribution to material harm caused by LTFV goods.
The court said that "a showing that economic harm to domestic industry occurred when LTFV imports are also on the market is not enough to show that the imports caused a material injury.
32) In reaching this conclusion, the court noted that "Russian imports--both fairly-traded and LTFV--were perfect substitutes for each other, if not the same product" and "the market share of the fairly-traded Russian imports was greater than that of the LTFV imports.
The Federal Circuit's remand was largely based on a claim of legal error by foreign producers that the Commission "did not evaluate the effect of RTT's imports in light of other LTFV [less than fair value] imports, and its findings did not discuss the effect of fairly-traded imports.