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LTGLeitung (German: direction)
LTGLieutenant General
LTGLanguage Technology Group
LTGLieutenant Governor
LTGLife Transformation Group (prayer group)
LTGLow Tension Glaucoma
LTGLine Trunk Group
LTGLose the Game
LTGLow Temperature Growth
LTGLinear Threshold Gate
LTGLabor Time Guide
LTGLong Term Gain
LTGLower the Guns
LTGLocal Tactical Grid
LTGLesson Topic Guide
LTGLaboratory Test Group
LTGLevel Term Guaranteed (life insurance)
LTGLearn to Google
LTGLaunch those Geese (pinball slang)
LTGLocation, Trend, Gradient (speech recognition)
LTGLamotrigine (antiepileptic drug)
LTGLeisure Travel Group
LTGLogical Time Grid
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Chan, Karceski & Lakonishok, 2003) yields overwhelming evidence on the over-optimism and inaccuracy of long-term earnings growth (LTG) forecasts, it remains silent on why analysts issue these forecasts, a question that becomes even more intriguing given the more voluntary nature of LTG forecasts compared with their near-term counterparts.
Kiosk (Japan), January 14; LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, 7 & 9.
On a recent visit to US TRANSCOM Headquarters, 1 had the opportunity to visit the Command Conference Room named after LTG Honor and was very impressed with the dedication to this great man.
Because of the generosity of so many, LTG participants are given the opportunity to continue with golf thanks to scholarship funds for lessons at nearby golf facilities.
LTG Gainey also expressed her gratitude for critical feedback the Joint Staff was receiving from EUCOM on the development of Global Combat Support System-Joint (GCCS-J).
Within the investigated temperature range, the lateral contraction ratio of LTG resin shows a pronounced temperature dependence that follows a sigmoidal increasing trend.
LTG 1 is well designed and takes advantage of existing core competencies in reproductive toxicology, mechanistic toxicology, ecotoxicology, risk assessment, and risk management methodology to address these questions.
Shortly after completing the 22-inch diameter pre-ream in preparation to install the steel casing, LTG representatives realized their own drilling rig did not have sufficient pulling force to install the 18-ton casing.
Once removed from the air stream and separated, fibers and dust can be transported to LTG fiber and dust compactors prior to baling, briquetting or disposal.
In addition, as a reflection of his recognized ability as one of the Army's most capable senior leaders, LTG Paige served over 12 years as a general officer--every day of it in command of large organizations with global communications responsibilities to include the former U.
Achieving victory will assume new dimensions as we strengthen our ability to generate 'soft' power to promote participation in government, spur economic development and address the root causes of conflict among the disenfranchised populations of the world, LTG Caldwell said.
LTG McCall: Three accomplishments stand out: improving the annual Professional Development Institute; providing leadership opportunities for women, minorities, and low-ranking personnel; and establishing the certification program.