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LTHLuteotropic Hormone
LTHLittle Three Happiness (Chinese restaurant, Chicago, Illinois)
LThLicence in Theology (academic qualification)
LTHLa Tyrie Héroïque (online game guild)
LTHLinear Time Heuristic (Algorithm)
LTHLetters to Home (band)
LTHLauncher Transport Head
LTHLethality & Target Hardening
LTHLinearized Time-Dependent Hartree
LTHLove, Truth, and Honor (Sigma Nu International Fraternity)
LTHLeft Hand Thread
LTHLepidoptera of Thailand
LTHLactogenic Hormone
LTHLight Towed Howitzer
LTHLithuanian (language)
LTHLearn to Hunt (Wisconsin)
LTHLicenciaat in de Tandheelkunde (Dutch: Degree in Dentistry; Belgium)
LTHLeeds Teaching Hospital (primary care trust; UK)
LTHLunds Tekniska Högskola (University in Lund, Sweden)
LTHLength Field
LTHLethality (gaming clan)