LTIRLost Time Incident Rate
LTIRLost Time Injury Rate
LTIRLong-Term Injured Reserve (professional sports)
LTIRLonger Term Investment Return
LTIRLong Terminal Inverted Repeats (genetics)
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Table 1:1 Description of Variables Dependent variables TRIR Total Recordable Incident Rate LTIR Lost Time Incident Rate Independent variables SAFEAUDIT Number of safety audits conducted in a year 1 = 0 2 = 1-5 3 = 6-10 4 = 11-15 5 = 16-20 6 = 21 or more TRNGHRS Number of training hours provided by the company SAFDISP1 The first, second and third disciplinary SAFDISP2 action companies took against an employee when SAFDISP3 they committed a safety infraction.
comparative purposes the LTIR for the year of 2002 would have been [pounds sterling]158m lower.
Equally impressive, the industrial project safety statistics for RIR and LTIR were 1.
comparative purposes the LTIR credited in the first nine months of 2002 would
The company's first quarter safety results are perfect with both the IRI and LTIR numbers being zero.