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LTJGLieutenant, Junior Grade
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LTJG Lawrence's main duties now include tracking NIH Bethesda recycling and solid waste data and preparing data for monthly distribution, data call requests, and Montgomery County annual reports.
LTJG Lawrence has a bright future ahead with the USPHS and plans to always continue to advocate for environmental health.
LTJG Stacy Ingram, USPHS dental hygienist, was amazed at how well the children cooperated in spite of the language barriers.
Furnishing the emperor's suite in the after portion of the ship fell to LTJG Gibfried and Ethiopia's supply officer, CDR Rader Yvenes, RNN.
When Ethiopia sailed from San Francisco for refresher training at sea, LTJG Gibfried went with her.
Left to right, LTJG Michael Molnar, S-2M Officer; ENS Kenneth Swing, S-5 Officer; LCDR Jason Johnson, Assistant Supply Officer; CDR Tiffany Schad, Supply Officer; CAPT Kenneth Norton, Commanding Officer; CAPT Ronald Ravelo, Executive Officer; LT Frank Maurer, S-8 Officer; ENS Michael Agojo, S-10 Officer; CWO3 Arnulfo Limon, S-2 Officer.
Front row, left to right, CAPT Carl Weiss, President of SLASCA; LTJG Andrew Krantz, SDDC; VADM Mark Harnitchek, USTRANSCOM Deputy Commander; and CDR Kristen Fabry, Vice President of SLASCA.
Surface Warfare Supply Corps Officer LTJG Leah Jackson USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)