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LTLLithuanian Litas (Local Currency)
LTLLess Than Truck Load
LTLLinear Temporal Logic
LTLLarger Than Life
LTLLess Than Lethal
LTLLong-Term Loan
LTLLess Than Truckload Lot
LTLLot to Lot (variation)
LTLLower Tolerance Limit
LTLLow Temperature Loop
LTLLong Term Long (stock portfolio)
LTLLocal Target Logic
LTLLaparoscopic Tubal Ligation
LTLLoyal Temperance Legion (Children!s branch of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union)
LTLLess than Total Load (teamsters)
LTLLight Truck Load
LTLLower Transport Layer
LTLLinear Transmission Line
LTLLaser-to-Target Line
LTLLow Traffic Load
LTLLocal Transmission Line
LTLLighter than Truckload
LTLLet's Talk Later (Internet slang)
LTLLive the Legend (role-playing)
LTLLong Term Lover
LTLLinks to Learning (education)
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He describes his company's LTL shipping experience: "I thought I was getting a great volume rate from my local carrier.
We are incredibly honored to be a recipient of this prestigious award," stated LTL co-founder and managing partner James M.
LTL would only be calculated on space or units that are actually leased.
Carlos Carreno, president of Infinity LTL, said : "With the creation of Infinity LTL Engineered Compounds, these two respected entities will be run as a single company which will offer one of the industry's widest product lines.
Everybody's working to control their costs," says Friese, "and Lynden has the ability to move LTL freight by land, sea or air through its family of transportation companies.
So for demanding applications like automotive and electronics, LTL applies for its own UL listings.
By the mid-1980s it became evident that deregulation had altered significantly the transportation of LTL freight.
Without M-LTL service, clients would have to navigate through several websites to find the best LTL rate, the ideal mode of transport and the desired carrier to cover every shipment.
Over the past two years, FedEx Freight has delivered innovative solutions to the LTL market, including the introduction of FedEx Freight([R]) Priority and FedEx Freight([R]) Economy to meet the unique needs of businesses for speed and value.
The new feature for LTL shipments provides customers visibility of the pickup process by confirming when a pickup is scheduled, informing them when the UPS Freight driver is en-route to the pickup location and notifying them when the pickup is made.
After conducting necessary discovery, LTL attorneys put forth a solid case, exposing key inconsistencies in Plaintiff's own testimony and obtaining supporting evidence and testimony from other current and past employees of LTL's client.
Steering LTL in a New Direction and Providing Unmatched Choices for Customers