LTLTLow Temperature Long Time
LTLTLand Trust for the Little Tennessee (Franklin, NC)
LTLTLearn the Lessons Technologies (Kennewick, WA)
LTLTLocal Treatment of Liver Tumors
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especie tratamiento concentracion diferencias termico (ng/ml) (en %) * leche 65[grados]C, 30 min 1 2,73 bovina LTLT 5 -0,14 10 0,10 [bar.
28) This virus also resists LTLT procedures but it can be inactivated through HTST pasteurization.
LTLT heats milk for 30 minutes at 145 degrees Fahrenheit, while HTST heats milk at a temperature of 161.
O tratamento termico pode ser feito de duas formas: pasteurizacao lenta -- LTLT (62-65[grados]C/30min) e pasteurizacao rapida HTST (72-75 [grados]C/15-20s).