LTMPLong Term Monitoring Plan (water quality; various locations)
LTMPLow Temperature Meat Products
LTMPLong-Term Malaria Prophylaxis (disease)
LTMPLung and Thoracic Malignancies Program (University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute; Pennsylvania)
LTMPLess Talk More Photos
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Sales from LTMP business generated RMB 761 million, up 36.
Sales of LTMP were RMB 556 million, representing an increase of 15.
In 2005, the Group continued to develop the market for LTMP in its downstream business.
3% 100% 100% Downstream Processed Meat Products: - LTMP 3,525 3,081 +14.
The Guideline will be propitious for the future development of chilled meat and LTMP, the two core businesses of the Group, driving further development of Yurun Food.
As the Group's high value-added and high-end products with relatively higher gross margins, LTMP and chilled meat continued to play an important role in contributing to the Group's overall sales and profits.
For the six months ended 30 June (HK$ in million) Revenue Change Proportion to Total Revenue 2009 2008 % 2009 2008 Downstream Processed Meat Products, inter alia: - LTMP 1,536 1,273 +20.
The Group also continued to increase its brand promotion efforts during the Year to secure the sales of LTMP and chilled pork amid the competitive environment and expand its product line by developing high profit margins products.
rapidly adjust the price of its LTMP in response to market conditions as
For the six month ended 30 June (HK$ in millions) Revenue Change Proportion to (Gross Profit Margin) Total Revenue 2008 2007 % 2008 2007 Downstream Processed Meat Products, inter alia: -- LTMP 1,273(27.
For the year ended 31 December (HK$ in million) Revenue Proportion to (Gross Profit Margin) Change Total Revenue 2007 2006 % 2007 2006 Downstream Processed Meat Products, inter alia: -- LTMP 1,753(28.