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LTMRLong-Term Multilineage Repopulating
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After 28 d of ensiling, the time of increase in temperature extended to 120 and 72 h, and aerobic deterioration was observed at 148 and 90 h for ATMR silage and LTMR silage, respectively.
A different pattern was observed in TMR silages: the LAB populations showed a slight downward trend during the first 120 h in ATMR silage and 72 h in LTMR silage, regardless of ensiling time, and then increased gradually until they were stable.
In LTMR silage, pH began to rise rapidly at 120 h after a stable period.
The concentration of acetic acid gradually decreased in ATMR silage, while it peaked at 24 h and then decreased in LTMR silage (Figures 2 and 3).
acidilactici lost their dominant position in the later stage of aerobic deterioration in ATMR and LTMR, respectively, P.