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LTPDLot Tolerance Percent Defective
LTPDLong Term Paddler Development (British Canoe Union)
LTPDLouisiana Tech University Police Department
LTPDLawrence Township Police Department (New Jersey)
LTPDLong Term Performance Degradation
LTPDLong-Term Private Debt
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TABLE 1 Means (T Scores) and Standard Deviations of Experimental and Control Groups at Pretest and Posttest Pretest Posttest Pretest Posttest Control Experimental Control Experimental Group Group Group Group Measure M SD M SD M SD M SD LTPD 49.
At the end of the intervention, there was a significant increase in students' LTPD scores.
47) People may properly be subjected to LTPD, however, only if they fall into one of four categories: (1) they lack the normal autonomous capacities to govern their own choices; (48) (2) they have, by virtue of one or more criminal convictions, lost their right to be treated as autonomous and accountable; (49) (3) they have an independent duty to avoid contact with others, because such contact would be impermissibly harmful, and LTPD simply reinforces this duty; (50) or (4) they are incapable of being adequately policed and held accountable for their choices.
The moral relevance of both is the same: one who cannot adequately be held accountable can be subjected to LTPD if doing so is necessary to ensure that he does not pose a risk to others that outweighs the loss of his own liberty.
POWs typically fit into this category of those who may be subjected to LTPD because the typical POW is, and will remain until the war is over or he is released from military service, privileged to engage in combat with the detaining power.
Some STs can also be justifiably subjected to LTPD for a related reason.
Many people object to LTPD for suspected terrorists.
At the end of the day, this kind of collectivist policy may be morally justifiable if the threat of terrorism is extreme enough and the alternatives to LTPD of suspected terrorists would prove inadequate to protect national security.
With the Bush administration about to pass into history, and with President-elect Barack Obama promising to close the Guantanamo detention center, the debate over LTPD may appear to be of diminishing significance.
com, a globally recognized leader in thermal printer technology, today introduced the 24-volt LTPD and CAPD series direct thermal printer mechanisms for OEM applications.
The new 24V LTPD and CAPD printer mechanisms demonstrate the engineering excellence for which Seiko Instruments is renowned," said Kaz Onishi, Vice President and General Manager, Seiko Instruments USA.
For LTPD models, this includes a choice of horizontal and vertical mechanical orientation, with the mechanism motor mounted either behind or below the print head and platen roller.