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Concordant with the employability metrics of the LTPF, a number of reports have highlighted that employers of Australian graduates have been clear in their calls for graduates who are ready for the workforce.
Using the insights and guidance provided by the LTPF, San Clemente's financial managers and administrators then develop workplans to allocate resources in a budget document.
A good long-term planning process is essential for governments to effectively prioritize budgetary issues and then produce a budgetary program that links those budget priorities to the fiscal resources available By implementing an effective LTPF, the City of San Clemente is able to more effectively plan for future contingencies and to allocate budgetary resources in a more efficient and rational manner.
San Clemente, California's Long-Term Financial Planning (LTPF) process is clearly and concisely illustrated in the budget and supporting documents; is integrated with broader strategic planning and budgeting processes; and provides opportunities for stakeholder input in the LTPF process.
The LTPF is part of a broader strategic planning process that begins with the analysis of multi-year financial trends and ends with the adoption, implementation, and review of a budget.
the processes used to create San Clemente's LTPF are consistent with the NACSLB Recommended Practices; and,
there are opportunities for stakeholder input in the LTPF process, through presentation of the plan in a public forum and its publication (including supporting documentation and explanations of the process followed) as part of the budget document and in a separate report.