LTPPLong-Term Pavement Performance
LTPPLong-Term Perspective Project (environmental research)
LTPPLong-Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
LTPPLong Term Planning Project
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To answer that challenge, the program launched a new Web-based data portal, LTPP InfoPave[TM], in January 2014 at www.
The LTPP database contains material, design and construction data including physical inventory data, material properties from in-situ and laboratory tests (LTPP 2005).
Evidence from the various kinds of data served to contextualise, describe and evaluate the outcomes of the 2007 LTPP.
FHWA's Aramis Lopez, team leader for the LTPP program, says accelerated pavement testing complements these LTPP field performance studies.
Calibration of the guide's design models against local conditions is particularly important in Louisiana, as the national calibration for the Design Guide uses LTPP data, among other data sources.
One new feature is the integration of images of pavement distress from LTPP test sites, previously available only by special request.
This TechBrief provides a summary of results from the statistical analysis of data collected during the LTPP program comparing the performance of recycled HMA to virgin mix in flexible pavement overlays.
Since 1989, the LTPP program has monitored nearly 2,500 pavement test sections throughout the United States and Canada.
FHWA recently added a 60-terabyte server to house the LTPP data.
The LTPP program's visible legacy is the 20-plus-year performance database for use by researchers and practitioners now and well into the future," says Ralph Haas, distinguished professor emeritus in the Department of Civil Engineering at Canada's Waterloo University.