LTPSLawrence Township Public Schools (Lawrenceville, NJ)
LTPSLow Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon
LTPSLeadership Through People Skills
LTPSLet the People Sing (Irish music website)
LTPSLing to Primary School (Hong Kong)
LTPSLinear Tunable Phase Shifter
LTPSLiberal-Type Personality Syndrome
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Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba set up a joint venture Japan Display (referred to as JDI) to develop LTPS technology.
While IGZO is said to deliver higher brightness on a device screen and is prized too for its power-efficient feature, LTPS panels are easier to bulk produce, added the same report.
OLED must break away from LTPS TFT substrate, and also improve resolution for competing with traditional TFT-LCD.
According to NPD DisplaySearch, the demand for LTPS panels will continue to grow with the popularity of high-resolution smart phones and increasing sizes of smart phone screens.
5-G LTPS plant and 6-G LTPD plant in mainland China.
Screen: 7" 1600K colors LTPS screen, Resolution: 800x480
The combination of NEC LCD Technologies' proprietary super-reflective, natural light TFT-LCD technology (SR-NLT) and LTPS technology, which achieves high transmissivity, allows simultaneous realization of high luminance of 200cd/m2 and a high reflective ratio of 10%, even with a high density of 200 pixels per inch.
OLED is a current-mode device which requires high current drive, so LTPS TFT substrate is essential.
With regard to industry, as the resolution of mobile phone display rises quickly, investment in LTPS is hot.
WCL) make Gas Turbine Units (model W191G), GE Speedtronic Mark-IV Control System and Gas Compressors of LTPS.
A higher dimensional balance between an ultra-wide color gamut of over 100% for NTSC and high luminance of 350cd/m2 has been achieved by optimizing the back-light system and the color filter based on the high transmissivity of LTPS thin film transistor (TFT) LCD technology, realizing astonishingly clear and vivid color
Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba set up a joint venture -- Japan Display (referred to as JDI) to develop LTPS technology.