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LTSALand Transport Safety Authority (New Zealand)
LTSALong Term Service Agreement
LTSALearning Technology Systems Architecture
LTSALong-Term Space Astrophysics
LTSALabeled Transition System Analyzer
LTSALinearly Tapered Slot Antenna
LTSALow Temperature Starting Aid (Advanced Engine Technology Ltd.)
LTSALong-Term Spectral Average
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Essentially, flows depict the interactions that take place between the various processes and stores of the IEEE LTSA system design.
This check is easily computed using the LTSA toolbox.
Future commitments relating to the Island LTSA have a significant variable portion that cannot be reasonably estimated.
The Partnership maintains a portion of the maintenance reserve in US currency in an effort to mitigate foreign exchange risk associated with satisfying future obligations which are settled in US currency under the LTSA for the Calgary Energy Centre.
Servicing of additional installed capacity needs to be considered only after the expiry of the LTSA contract.
The plants are either new constructions going on-stream in 2009 or 2010, or existing plants subject to LTSA renewal.
The LTSA is expected to generate over $35 Million in AxleTech revenue based on projected volume.
Scope of work: Egineering, Design, Manufacturing, Inspection, Supply, Installation, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, two (2) years war ranty period for the entire work along with Operation & Maintenance (O&M ) Service, Fuel (coal & oil) supply for 7 years including 2 years d uring warranty period, LTSA and O&M Service for next five (5) years after warranty period for the power plant for Construction of Moheshkhali 2x600-700 MW Coal Fired Ultra Super Critical Thermal Power Plant Proj ect at Moheshkhali, Bangladesh on Turn-Key basis.
It marks another key LTSA award in a total GE portfolio of $11 billion in commitments for operation and maintenance and long-term service agreements around the world.
Newly commissioned power plants are now including LTSA and offering 20 to 25-year contracts, while ISPs are offering cheaper prices and shorter delivery times for the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services they provide.
This is our first major LTSA, which gives Keadby Power Station full access to GE's technological abilities at a continuously competitive price throughout the 12-year term of the agreement," said James Martin, SSE's generation director.
The LTSA is expected to generate over $160 Million in AxleTech revenue based on projected volume.