LTSSLutheran Theological Southern Seminary
LTSSLearning Technology Support Service (UK)
LTSSLotus Translation Services for Sametime
LTSSLong Term Scientific Study
LTSSLivermore Time-Sharing System
LTSSLong Term Service and Support (healthcare)
LTSSLocal Telecommunications Services and Support
LTSSLT Software Solutions, Inc. (Portsmouth, NH)
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Some of these indicators may include demographic characteristics, number of comorbid conditions, levels of disability, informal caregiver characteristics, and utilization of LTSS.
With the development of programs, such as the programs described above, that provide long-term services and supports in a managed care setting, CMS has issued guidelines for best practices in providing LTSS through a 1115 Demonstration or 1915(b) waiver.
Council members recommended that federal funds be made available to support a lead agency in every state to coordinate all available LTSS provided through various public and private mechanisms.
The council advised that state education agencies and professional organizations include key information about Alzheimer's disease in all curricula for any profession or career track affecting LTSS, as well as key information about Alzheimer's disease for any staff working in human service agencies.
A number of provisions in the Affordable Care Act aim to expand home and community-based services (HCBS) as an alternative to nursing facility care, including increasing the federal match rate to state Medicaid programs for personal care assistant services (Community First Choice option), expanding Medicaid eligibility for state plan and waiver programs, and enhanced federal matching rates for states to rebalance LTSS expenditures toward HCBS (Harrington et al.
We are convinced that no real improvements to the current insufficient, disjointed array of LTSS and financing can be expected without committing significant resources, instituting federal requirements and developing social insurance financing," says Judith Stein, founder and executive director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy and one of the five commission members issuing the separate recommendations.
The current LTSS system is expanding community options, but not rapidly enough to keep up with growing demand.
Many of these efforts are aimed at increasing Medicaid funding on home and community-based services (HCBS) in an effort to delay or avoid nursing home (NH) placement, and maintaining current non-Medicaid LTSS funding for the near-poor older adults.
Pennsylvania currently serves more than 130,000 Pennsylvania adults with LTSS needs in the Medicaid program.
Tenders are invited for King County LTSS In-Home Case Management Program.