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LTTLews Therin Telamon (Wheel of Time series)
LTTLong-Term Training
LTTLight Tactical Trailer
LTTLine to Take
LTTLunar Transit Telescope
LTTLimited Team Training
LTTLocal Trap Time
LTTBeryllium Lymphocyte Transformation Test (also seen as BELT and BeLPT)
LTTLong Term Throughput
LTTLocalized Thermal Therapy
LTTLive Training Transformation (military; set of common components to satisfy live training instrumentation requirements)
LTTLower Top Tube (bicycles)
LTTLimited Technology Transfer
LTTLogistics Between Today and Tomorrow (Netherlands)
LTTLeft-Tailed Test
LTTLate to Test (alarms)
LTTLive Tissue Training
LTTLymphocyte Transformation Test
LTTLong Term Temporary
LTTLateral Thigh Trainer (exercise equipment)
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Under the reign of long-time dictator Muammar Al-Gaddafi, LTT was also responsible for media censorship.
There are currently around 6 billion people who have little or no access to education around the world and LTT Global wanted to contribute to the world community by lowering this statistic.
LFT and LTT will utilise Bombardier course materials while using their own instructors, infrastructure and simulators.
Summary: In a step of just distribution of limited resources of the Network among our customers and to raise the quality of the LTT services, the company will start from 21/12/2011 to reactivate the monthly allowance of our service, and the first month will be free.
2 of the Ontario Land Transfer Tax Act provides a limited refund of up to $2,000 on the LTT due on newly constructed owner-occupied housing.
The LTT offered important training support to the IA 2d Division.
5-7, while the four-day LTT, for majors and lieutenant colonels, will run Feb.
Tokyo, Japan, July 5, 2006 - (JCN) - LTT Bio-Pharma has issued a report on the progress of its current research on a steroid drug discovery system (DDS).
Broadband access services supplier LTT UK Ltd has announced its intentions to supply a broadband service to residents in rural locations in the UK.
Once the object has been redrawn to the exact specification it can be exported directly into the most popular CAD packages (AutoCADT, AutoCAD LTT, InventorT, Mechanical DesktopT, SolidEdgeT, SolidWorksT & TurboCADT).
A spokesman for the group behind the visit, the Initiative for Political and Conflict Transformation, said Mr Hume "will dip into some 30-odd years of experience in peacebuilding and discuss ways for the LTT to enter into a democratic framework.
Most patients in the definitely "unrelated" group were positive in the LTT for the suspect Kampo medicine, suggesting that the LTT may be unreliable for the diagnosis of Kampo-medicine-induced liver injury.