LTWLifetime Warranty (products; various companies)
LTWLove the World
LTWLife Time Warranty
LTWLeading the Way
LTWLanphear Tool Works (Lawrence, MI)
LTWLeadership Training Workshop (Sigma Chi Fraternity)
LTWLearn to Write
LTWLive Theatre Workshop (arts organization; Tucson, AZ)
LTWLet's Think Wireless, LLC (Pine Brook, NJ)
LTWLow Temperature Water (heating system)
LTWLet's Torture Warriors
LTWLightning Thrust Warrior
LTWLast Tinkered With
LTWLay to Waste (band)
LTWLegal Toolware
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Golden State was similarly clear that the resulting conflict between it and the LTW holders was resolved in its favor:
Money raised annually per LTW member for charitable causes or people in dire need.
A Model of Asset Trading under the Assumption of Sequential Information Arrival, The Journal of Finance, 31(4), cited in Darrat, AF, Zhong, M and Cheng, LTW 2008, 'Intraday volume and volatility relations with and without public news', Journal of Banking and Finance, vol.
Compared to other plastic-welding processes, LTW has several advantages such as: no tool-part contact (unlike hot plate welding), no relative part movement (unlike vibration welding), a small heat-affected zone (HAZ), and a low level of flash.
LTW also conduct an event study on 194 firms going private before SOX and 117 firms going private after SOX for the years 1998 through 2004.
Renovations were done by internationally acclaimed designers Lissoni Associati Milano, BAMO Spain, LTW Design Works of Kuala Lumpur and James Park Associates, Singapore.
Kuala Lumpur- based LTW Designworks, which had worked on the interiors of the ballroom before the attack, has now managed a fusion between its 106- year- old original design and contemporary elements.
26 January 2010 - LTW Technologies, aaA US-based designer and manufacturer of waterproof connectors, announced on Monday that it has received 5 FDA clearances (K082586) for its proprietary and unique multi-wavelength LED LIGHTWAVE therapy device.
Thus, following the CEN/ISSS LTW guidelines for building application profiles, we presented our proposal for an IEEE LOM Competence Application Profile, based on the competence dimensions identified in our previous work (Sampson & Fytros, 2008a) and the existing competency specification models (IMS RDCEO, HR-XML).
Zito JM, Safer DJ, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, et al.
The Rose Bowl team included at least two dozen players who were arrested during their time at LTW, some for violent felonies.
Carnival is not contemplated, it is, strictly speaking, not even played out; its participants live in it (Bakhtin 100 in LTW 97).