LTWSLight Thermal Weapon Sight
LTWSLower Than Whale Stuff (polite form)
LTWSLippenberger, Thompson, Welch, Soroko and Gilbert LLP (Corte Madera and San Francisco, CA)
LTWSLow Temperature Water Supply (heating)
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Army, the LTWS combines rugged, lightweight construction with Raytheon's advanced thermal imaging technology to give the infantryman the ability to shoot equally well day or night, through battlefield obscurants, adverse weather and zero-illumination situations.
The LTWS combines our expertise in military thermal weapon sight production with Raytheon's commercial technology to provide our military forces with the lightest thermal weapon sight on the market at cost-effective prices," said Colin Schottlaender, vice president and general manager of Tactical Systems.
Mounted on the M4 and M16 series weapons and the M136 AT-4, the LTWS can be employed in light, airborne, air assault, ranger, and mechanized infantry squads.
The LTWS weighs less than three pounds, is battery powered, with a single field-of-view, and uses BAE SYSTEMS MicroIR(TM) imaging engine technology.
During the two-week period, the LTWS was subjected to human factors evaluations, individual movement techniques through a demanding obstacle course, and reconnaissance and ambush scenarios, including simulated live fire target engagements and target detection/recognition exercises.
Developed for M-16 and M-4 rifles under the Thermal Omnibus Program, the LTWS will give soldiers the ability to detect and identify targets in day or night conditions.
This low-power display system is the result of an integrated product development effort where the team focused on overall system performance goals as the number one priority," stated Chuck Nourrcier, Program Manager of Raytheon's LTWS Program.
The LTWS will be the lightest weight variant of the AN/PAS-13 Thermal Weapon Sight family.
The LTWS will be capable of being used on a variety of in service rifles and will be compatible with Land Warrior.