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LUCASLiverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (est. 1996; Liverpool, UK)
LUCASLand Use Change Analysis System
LUCASLakehead University Centre for Analytical Services (Canada)
LUCASLondon Undergound Combined Access System (smart card permit; UK)
LUCASLand Use/Cover Area Frame Survey
LUCASLaboratory Unit for Computer-Assisted Surgery (virtual surgical planning)
LUCASLiberty University Catalog System (library)
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What then distinguishes Lucas is her desire, by working squarely within the gallery system, to beat the boys at their own game.
Lucas began his government tour of duty when he enlisted in the Army in 1967 to 1970.
Paige and Lucas want nothing to do with the Cabals; especially after Savannah's father of the Nast Cabal tried to take custody of her in Dime Store Magic.
First, when working on various examples to illustrate what would qualify for extraordinary item treatment, Lucas says, "We came to the conclusion that no matter what we did, the extraordinary item would never be able to capture what really was the direct effect of this unprecedented event.
The new technology, known as resonant macrosonic synthesis, would offer a number of advantages if used in acoustic compressors for household refrigerators, in small turbines for generating electricity, and in chambers for separating, agglomerating, levitating, mixing, or pulverizing materials, Lucas says.
Gone is the edgy and somewhat randy Lucas Davenport from the past.
And then he plops your letter down in front of me, and I went, "Holy fucking shit, somebody's actually said it": Hello, my name is Michael Lucas, I'm a porn star, I luck more than you will ever luck in your entire life, and I have no fear of getting AIDS because I have safe sex.
We are blessed to have wonderful, dedicated people in MTMC who are motivated, capable and caring," Lucas said.