LUCCLand-Use and Land-Cover Change (International Geosphere-Biosphere Program; Stockholm, Sweden)
LUCCLand-Use Land-Cover Change
LUCCLand Use and Climate Change (ecology)
LUCCLife University College of Chiropractic
LUCCLawrence University Community Council (Appleton, WI)
LUCCLeft-Upper Corner Cell
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In recent times, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) have been widely used to evaluate the dynamics of process and patterns of land-use and land-cover change, commonly known as LUCC (Angel et al.
Only recently, more rigorous efforts have been undertaken to monitor LUCC in Dhaka.
The multi-temporal LUCC data (Dewan and Yamaguchi 2009a,b) were obtained through a formal agreement, and the product has been considered for further analysis to quantify the pattern of urban forms.
The LUCC statistics revealed that all land-use categories contributed significantly to make the urban land a predominant class, particularly after independence in 1971 (as captured by the land-cover data since 1975).