LUCSLund University Cognitive Studies
LUCSLand Use Change Statistics (UK)
LUCSLinlithgow Union Canal Society (Linlithgow, Scotland, UK)
LUCSLand Use and Carbon Sequestration (forestry)
LUCSLand Use Code Simplification (project; Colorado)
LUCSLeoben University Computer Society (Austria)
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A 30 years old Bangladeshi housewife belonging to the middle class of socioeconomic status presented with non-healing, discharging surgical site infection following her 2nd LUCS done at a private hospital.
Laboratory investigation following LUCS revealed: haemoglobin 11.
Combining LUCS data with digital boundary data showing the configuration of urban land at 1991 (7) then enables a rich analysis of the manner in which housing development is accommodated.
Every land parcel shown on an OS basic scale map might be thought of as being in either an `urban' or a `rural' use in terms of the 24 land use categories -- such as, for example, residential, or forestry -- used within the LUCS data.
The LUCS data not only allow examination of the balance between greenfield and brownfield development within existing urban areas, they also allow examination of the varying intensity of development in areas of different size and of the extent to which development is accommodated on the fringes of existing settlements.
Our own previous work for the DETR demonstrates the manner in which the LUCS data can be used to examine the relative importance of each of these modes of accommodating development in different localities.
By this term we refer to development that is neither within LUCS urban areas, nor abuts them.
LUCS LANDA: rattled in the highest break of the season to help his Lindley WMC team salvage a draw against Syngenta in the Open Snooker League