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LUGSLinux Users' Group (Singapore)
LUGSLinux User Group Switzerland (aka Linux User Group Schweiz; est. 1994)
LUGSLinux Users Group of Sacramento (Sacramento, CA)
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The modular design of the Savage bolt assembly allows the bolt head a certain amount of movement, resulting in the lugs bearing evenly against the receiver locking surfaces even if the receiver isn't square.
Description: This recall includes SolarWorld solar systems installed with bare-copper grounding lugs installed after June 1, 2010.
Lugs Tae Arthur's Seat takes place at 10am on Saturday, October 5.
Learn more about the Greaves selection of adapter solutions such as compression pin adapters, compression splices, and lugs by ordering the Greaves Adapter Zone online at http://www.
The new shaft has two exclusive features: -firstly, the lug seats are made of new technology high-strength steel designed not only to avoid any possibility of surface cracking, but also to distribute the load uniformly over the whole carbon section.
It features a solid bolt body with an integral bolt handle and two large locking lugs located on the rear third of the bolt, much like the lugs on a Ruger 77/22.
Wide-footprint lugs provide a constant grip on the core while pneumatic and mechanical retraction of lugs ensures that the lugs never stick in the core.
On 31 January, the Naval Air Systems Command ordered all Navy and Marine Corps F/A-18A, B, C and D models to be inspected for cracks in the wing fold transmission system attaching lugs, after routine inspections revealed aircraft with corroded or cracked lugs.
The existing AD requires a detailed visual inspection to detect damage to the terminal lugs on the 12XC and 15XE connectors and the mounting lugs on the 15XE connector; corrective actions, if necessary; and certain conditional repetitive inspections.
The lugs have been broadened and buttressed for more even wear, reduced lug flex and improved stability at transport speeds.
Lugs Brannigan can strike for Mark Bradstock in the Midland Handicap Chase (1.