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LULALimited Use Limited Application (elevator)
LULALimited Use Limited Access (elevators)
LULALinux Users of Los Angeles
LULALoader/Unloader for AK47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova 47; hunting equipment)
LULALower Unlatch Auxiliary
LULALow Use, Limited Access (elevator term)
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Although to this day the opposition and the media have not forgotten the cases of corruption and scandals that plagued him early on, from the portrayal that Bourne draws we can see Lula as someone who nevertheless managed to consolidate key alliances and party coalitions in such a way that allowed him to maintain power.
Turkey was a country playing the role of bridge between Europe and Asia and the two countries had friendly ties, Lula said.
To Lula, a clear sky is critical, especially during the summer when he can witness exciting astronomical events such as the Perseid meteor shower.
Meirelles may leave before Lula completes his term in December.
Lula had nothing to say about the bloody suppression of Iran's pro-democracy reform movement, or Mr.
The peace process will benefit from the contribution of other countries other than those traditionally involved' in negotiation efforts, Lula said.
I remain optimistic about negotiations resuming," Mr Lula said in Sao Paulo after a meeting with unions.
Paige talks me out of my chip-shop moments, and I do the same for her when her chocolate cravings come on," says Lula.
Brazil "is becoming a country of many, and will not rest until it belongs to everyone," now that "it has discovered how to grow with social inclusion," said Lula.
Lula met the greatest resistance to his message in Nicaragua, where President Daniel Ortega conditioned the expansion of ethanol production on not "jeopardizing the environment or encouraging monoculture.
Furthermore, many of the gains made under Cardoso and Lula measure success on a countrywide scale and ignore the fact that while some of the impoverished have increased their incomes, those in Sao Paulo's slums have not.
Taking comfort in Lula and Calderon's electoral victories glosses over the fact that neither of those two leaders won a mandate for deepening their countries' halting economic reform programs.