LULCCLand-Use and Land-Cover Change
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Package Name Developers Context KS Learning Cormas CIRAD 1 1 1 (France) FEARLUS Macaulay Institute 1 2 1 (Scotland) KXPEM CASA, UCL (UK) 1 1 1 MABEL Purdue University 1 2 2 (USA) OBEUS Tel Aviv University 1 1 1 (Israel) PADI-Simul Laval University 1 3 1 (Canada) Package Application Name GIS OO Domains Cormas 3 3 Natural resource management FEARLUS 2 3 LULCC KXPEM 2 3 Pedestrian evacuation MABEL 3 3 LULCC OBEUS 3 3 Urban simulation PADI-Simul 2 3 Architecture design Package Name References Cormas Bouscluet et al.
Growth models may be spatial or nonspatial and typically are used for prediction and scenario generation in the context of integrated assessments of LULCC.
Stuart Gage, Director of the Computational Ecology and Visualization Laboratory; the Michigan and Minnesota branches of RESAC (Regional Earth Science Applications Center); the Michigan and Wisconsin Departments of Natural Resources; the MDEQ; and the NASA LULCC project.