LULUCFLand Use, Land Use Change and Forestry
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122) Ibid at 34, the LULUCF sector is expected to remove 28 Mt CO2e by 2020.
A further problem is "leakage," which refers to the possibility that blocking carbon releases by LULUCF activities in one location might simply accelerate their release somewhere else.
This option, which forms the basis of LULUCF activities under the Kyoto Protocol, is currently seen as too controversial for a federal domestic program.
Tipper helped form ECCM some months after being appointed to the LULUCF panel.
The LULUCF report would have negligible effect on his firm's profitability, Tipper says.
The issue of whether such calculations were actually possible or not was "never considered" during the deliberations of the LULUCF panel, Tipper says, "It's not an issue.
The figures show that Scotland s LULUCF activities are a net remover, or 'sink', of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Since then deforestation, degradation and conversion of forest to other land uses is the major cause for increases in emissions in the LULUCF sector.
Possible support to implement the Copernicus land monitoring service to provide information linked to the global-to-local environmental monitoring of biodiversity, soil, water, forests and natural resources; as well as possible support to the implementation of the LULUCF Decision 529/2013/EU on parameters related to soil carbon accounting, in collaboration with the JRC and Eurostat (on LUCAS).
Martin Tadoum, the COMIFAC Executive Secretary s representative in his introductory remarks underscored the multiplicity of issues facing the COMIFAC countries in recent years and emphasized that these forestry issues are no longer negotiated solely under REDD+, but also under: (1) the Kyoto Protocol (with the matter of the inclusion of the entire LULUCF sector in the CDM), (2) agriculture (3) NAMAs that could include forestry measures and (4) various approaches including the new market mechanism and the non-market based approach.