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LUNLundi (French: Monday)
LUNLogical Unit Number (SCSI devices)
LUNLunedì (Italian: Monday)
LUNLusaka, Zambia - Lusaka (Airport Code)
LUNLink Uninhibit (SS7)
LUNLudington & Northern Railroad (Michigan)
LUNLink Under Name
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And it was the Internet that enabled Li to orchestrate an unlicensed protest of more than ten thousand people in front of the Beijing building where bureaucrats were considering his request to license Fa Lun Gong as a religion.
The philosophical treatise, Zhong lun [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] by this Jian'an period (196-220 C.
Founded in June 1997, Tian Lun Group has its business covering natural gas, real estates and investing and is a large conglomerate with total assets of over RMB10 billion and a Hong Kong-listed company and more than 50 subsidiaries.
Pun Lun"; Pun Lun was a Hong Kong photography studio.
Lun Lun weighs more than 200 pounds (91 kg), he said.
Chapter 1 puts Shan Han Lun in its context and gives a general overview of its concepts--in particular, the Six Channel theory.
If we can engineer biological organisms to produce biodiesel fuels, we'll have a new way of storing and using energy," Lun said.
While the maximum LUN queue depth varies by host bus adapter and manufacturer, enabling the maximum number of outstanding I/Os (e.
The main ethnic groups-Lun Dayeh, Kelabit, Lun Bawang, and Sa'ban-inhabiting the area number around 15,000 people of whom 75 per cent are on the Indonesian side of the border.
Posted on the bulletin boards were rows of white paper, class lists that would tell her if she and Lun were in the same homeroom.
Gan y byddwn yn dathlu Diwrnod y Llyfr ddydd Iau yma, fe fydd Ffermio nos Lun, Mawrth 7 am 8.
Ar ei fferm ger Talybont-ar-Wysg, bydd Daloni'n ymweld e Huw ar y diwrnod mae'n cael tynnu'i lun gan Nicola De Pulford, ffermwraig sydd wedi arallgyfeirio i gynhyrchu calendrau.