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LURELaboratoire pour l'Utilisation du Rayonnement Electromagnétique (France)
LURELunar Ultraviolet Reflectance Experiment (astronomy)
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In these slight signs I read that the wish of her heart, the design of her brain, was to lure back the game she had scared.
Be not then, my son, thus minded; let not heaven lure you into any such course.
True, true,” interrupted the Judge, a little impatiently; “but here is a youth who needs no deception to lure him to his own benefit.
Without doubt this Frenchman was some emissary sent to entice into error the protector of the parliament; the gold was nothing but a lure; and by the help of this lure they thought to excite the cupidity of the general.
They might have surprised the fort, massacred its inmates; and these signal guns might only be decoys to lure him across the bar, that they might have a chance of cutting him off, and seizing his vessel.
Apparently to try and lure Robert to uphold some fraudulent scheme in which she is interested.
Next we'll lure him on--(that's about the reach of his arm)--with the marron glare, and then he'll open out this orange.
Give the man who is not made To his trade Swords to fling and catch again, Coins to ring and snatch again, Men to harm and cure again, Snakes to charm and lure again - He'll be hurt by his own blade, By his serpents disobeyed, By his clumsiness bewrayed,' By the people mocked to scorn - So 'tis not with juggler born
Martin knew he was bound to things of substance but he followed the lure of property and accumulation as he might have followed some other game had he learned it, knowing all along that it was a delusion and at the same time acknowledging that for him there was nothing else as sufficing.
She must lure him to the White Worm's hole--but how?
The 4 pounds a week was a lure which must draw him, and what was it to them, who were playing for thousands?
A great state left to an heir, is as a lure to all the birds of prey round about, to seize on him, if he be not the better stablished in years and judgment.