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LUTLookup Table
LUTLappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)
LUTLimited User Test
LUTLocal User Terminal
LUTLower Urinary Tract
LUTLoughborough University of Technology (UK)
LUTLaunch Umbilical Tower
LUTLand Use and Transportation
LUTLulea University of Technology (Sweden)
LUTLicensed Unity Teacher
LUTLimited User Training
LUTLavaredo Ultra Trail (Italy)
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Alfatti said, "In my long guiding career, our team's success in Iran's Lut Desert is one of my most memorable experiences.
The 5-bit input word X can be mapped into a 4-bit LUT address (d3d2d1d0), by set of mapping relations as
2), (2) The following hypotheses are under investigation to explain the relationship between LUTS and erectile dysfunction (ED): (i) increased Rho-kinase activation (3), (ii) nitric oxide synthase (NOS)/nitric oxide (NO) level decrease or alteration (4), (iii) atherosclerosis affecting the small pelvis (5) and (iv) autonomic nervous system (ANS) hyperactivity.
Calculation for LUT based on the total amounts of flavonoids expressed as luteolin equivalents (extract A 14.
We have proposed a LUT based grained techniques that are analyzed as two architectures:
According to these data lut block had a different situation in the north margin of Neotethyse oceane in the past time.
The problem is formulated as assigning LUTs to nodes of a circuit so as to minimize the total estimated power consumption.
The ROM LUT approach uses sampled values of a periodic function stored in ROM.
ATEC's system assessment of the LUT was approved and released in September 2005 and indicated that the JNMS had met all its key performance parameters and was operationally suitable, effective, and survivable with minor limitations.
The Lut Desert in Iran, which in 2005 measured a mind-boggling 159.
The distinction for being hell on earth actually belongs to the Lut Desert (Dasht-e Lut) in eastern Iran.