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LUTESLands of Ultima Thule Educational Society (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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Herbert was very fond of music; he sang, and played too, upon the lute and viol.
His 'My Lute, Awake,' and 'Forget Not Yet' are still counted among the notable English lyrics.
You think she is too old, too sedate," Lute insisted.
I'm glad I was born in California," Lute remarked, as she swung astride of Ban.
Chris and Lute looked at each other for a moment, the mare still drawing ahead, so that Chris was compelled slowly to turn his head.
Lute beamed triumphantly, as they pulled into a walk.
Why, Dolly, this is most remarkable," Lute began reprovingly.
Lute whirled into safety the horse she was riding, and as she did so caught a glimpse of Dolly's eyes, with the look in them of blind brute madness, bulging until it seemed they must burst from her head.
Lute followed unhesitatingly, putting Ban through the gap in the fence and plunging on into the thicket.
When she turned at a sharp angle into the thicket-land beyond, Lute took the long diagonal, skirted the ticket, and reined in Ban at the other side.
Lute had controlled herself well, but now she was aware of a quick nausea and a trembling of weakness.
Lute flashed out of her saddle, and her arms were about him in an embrace of thankfulness.