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LUXLuxembourg, Luxembourg - Findel (Airport Code)
LUXLarge Underground Xenon Detector (dark matter detection)
LUXLeft Upper Extremity (anatomy)
LUXLinac/Laser-Based Ultrafast X-Ray Facility
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We have put a lot of research into the design and function of The Lux Puff," explains founder Theresa Collins.
The Lux also includes automatic lights, automatic wipers, cornering lights and extra tinted rear windows.
the acquisition of Lux, when combined with A-Plant's existing traffic systems
Lux Biosciences is a privately held biotechnology company dedicated to the identification, optimization, development and commercialization of products for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases.
Lux describes the many sporadic, ineffectual, and on occasion overtly experimental efforts to inoculate and vaccinate Native peoples on the Canadian plains, first for smallpox and later for tuberculosis.
After living for 10 years in Great Britain, Lux personally participated in that fight, moving to Israel and becoming a paratrooper with the Israeli Defense Forces.
Prior to joining Degussa-Huls, Lux was product manager of specialty silicas at Degussa-Huls AG, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.
At Lux, we are sticking to our knitting to build a concentrated portfolio of extraordinary companies in unconventional areas," said Lux Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner Josh Wolfe.
Based in Newport Beach, California, Lady Lux Swimwear is designed to create high-end, luxury swimwear fashion.
The VP LUX T2S project is proceeding according to schedule
Print quality is very important to our company, and we are sure that plates made with MacDermid's Lux Process will significantly increase the print quality of our products," says Alberto Senado Sidauy, GM of Multibolsas Plasticas, Mexico.
Or by treating yourself to the Grand Lux version of tuna tartare, here dubbed spicy ``tuna pica'' ($9.