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LVALatvia (ISO Country code)
LVALandesversicherungsanstalt (German: public insurance)
LVALiteracy Volunteers of America
LVALayered Voice Analysis (Nemesysco)
LVALas Vegas Academy
LVALow Vision Aid
LVALao Veterans of America
LVALaval, France (Airport Code)
LVALeft Ventricular Aneurysm
LVALuchtvaart Afdeling (Dutch: Aviation Department)
LVALaunch Vehicle Adapter
LVALondon Volleyball Association (UK)
LVALink Vector Algorithm
LVALanding Vehicle Assault (WW II)
LVALocal Vendor Agreement
LVALicenced Vintners Association (Ireland)
LVALa Vie de l'Automobile (French: Life of the Automobile)
LVALos Verdes Alternativos
LVALicenced Victuallers Association (UK pub landlord trade organisation)
LVALanding Vehicle Airfoil
LVAList Vitterbi Algorithm
LVALost Vacuum Alarm
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He comes to LVA with a significant portfolio that features projects and communities encompassing more than 20,000 acres throughout Arizona and California.
Two groups were defined: Group 1--those who had performed no LVAs over the time period; and Group 2--those who had performed less than or equal to five assessments per year.
John Price, secretary of the LVA in Wales, says his pub, the Bush Hotel, in Clydach Vale in the Rhondda, said, "I have lost 17% of my takings.
LVA can even be used to test the emotional state of those considering suicide.
Ray Griggs, CEO of LVA, says he is extremely pleased to be associated with CSR and Barnett.
The hiring of veteran teacher Davis and her revolutionary approach to reading instruction, the LVA Approach, was the approach selected to address the issues of school readiness and low test scores in reading.
Parton demonstrated the technology for Security Management by using the LVA on one editor.
Mr Watkins, of the Rising Sun in Fochriw, added that his organisation was set up after breaking away from the Rhymney Valley LVA more than 20 years ago.
LVA provides a dual-energy image of the lateral spine allowing physicians to visually assess the presence of vertebral deformations.
Mr Leedham resigned from the LVA over a year ago but continued in the role because no-one took his place.
As part of this development program AMS intends to develop a proprietary hardware telecommunications device with a voice component to incorporate the LVA technology within its existing Integrated Emergency Response monitoring system and within a general home security system.
Experts said that to a large extent, LVA helps, find out if the alleged is speaking a lie or concealing the facts while being interrogated.