LVAMLas Vegas Art Museum (Nevada)
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Ann Roughead, Managing Director at LVAM added: "LVAM has set out its stall as a low-cost active manager that does what it says on the tin - delivering attractive added value year in, year out.
Recently, in response to demand, LVAM has moved to a quarterly income distribution for the LV= UK Equity Income Fund, which helps with clients' cash flow and is also in line with the trend for UK companies to pay dividends quarterly; an institutional income share class has also been added.
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Julian Thomas, Head of Product Development and Management, LVAM, commented: "LV= European ex-UK Growth Fund has achieved a remarkable track record of consistent performance for its clients over a number of years.
We believe this gives LVAM a competitive advantage by offering a product that few others do, allowing a greater number of potential clients to access the Fund's strong performance.
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