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LVCLevi's Vintage Clothing
LVCLebanon Valley College
LVCLive Virtual Class (Sun Microsystems)
LVCLaser Vision Correction
LVCLive Virtual Constructive (simulation space)
LVCLouis Vuitton Cup (yachting cup)
LVCLow Voltage Cutoff
LVCLee Van Cleef (actor)
LVCLoan Verification Certificate (US Department of Education)
LVCLow-Voltage CMOS Technology (family of logic integrated circuits)
LVCLower Order Virtual Containers (SDH)
LVCLocal Variable Cache
LVCLead Vehicle Commander
LVCLow Velocity Cloud
LVCLodge Vice-Chief (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
LVCLung Vasculature Code (pulmonary lobar vessel)
LVCLas Vegas College (now Everest College; Las Vegas, NV)
LVCLa Via Campesina (international peasant movement; various locations)
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Modern laser systems are also very effective at correcting long sight, which tends to affect people more in mid-life, and LVC for older patients is increasingly popular.
LVC can create scenarios that involve higher complexities and stress the strike group to its max capabilities, leading to more proficient, prepared strike groups and fighting forces.
You're not restricted to putting those constructive threats inside the same space as those live aircraft are restricted to," noted John Schwering, leader of LVC business development efforts at Boeing.
The major issue that MVC and LVC seizure creates is that it is
Para o diagnostico da LVC, foram utilizados os testes de Imunofluorescencia Indireta (IFI), kit BioManguinhos[R]/ Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ) e Teste de Adsorcao Enzimatica (ELISA), Kit ELISA/S7[R] da Biogene Industria e Comercio Ltda, preconizados pelo Ministerio da Saude (MS), com analises em paralelo e conforme bula de cada fabricante.
Commenting on the transaction, LVC co-founder John McNamara underscored Ascent's reputation in the provision of MRO services.
The fact is, a patient can still have LVC at the age of 50 (70 in most cases) providing they have no cataract present, as one would assume there would, hopefully, be no cataract in the near future.
This common picture for a commander and his staff in his command post required that the LVC systems combine to populate the battalion's Army Battle Command System (ABCS) command and control systems with an integrated reflection of the LVC fights--again, without discernable distinctions.
He is looking into securing intellectual property rights to the game--not to make money, but to ensure LVC gets the credit because developing the game was "teamwork at it's best.
The LVC 9006's AllWrite technology allows him to transfer tapes to DVD with a choice of formats.
Sun was experiencing a significant drop in instructor-led training revenues, according to James Wagner, LVC program manager.
Tal vez y una alameda tornasol con el aire propio de los vivos / Quizas con el temblor en bruma de las estatuas de los muertos", "Llama familiar", LVC 89, destacado nuestro) La imagen de la estatua aparece con menos frecuencia en sus ultimos libros, mientras la idea de la muerte se viste en ellos de creciente ironia.