LVCSRLarge-Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition
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Highlighting a critical point of differentiation, the research perspective declares that "the most advanced interaction analytics use neural networks and a combination of LVCSR (Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) and phonetic indexing," which enables a company to "spot patterns, trends and hot issues, to understand customer sentiment and to derive key metrics in a systematic manner.
According to Ventana Research, only the most advanced systems employing this combination of LVCSR, phonetic indexing and neural networking "can scale to handle the large volumes of interaction data companies are now producing and combine this with other structured and text-based sources of data" -an approach that "speeds up analysis, uses all available customer data, and makes the analysis more complete and the outputs more accurate.
The technology in Engage Analyzes makes it possible to audio mine up to 100 percent of calls, in real rime if desired compared with three to five percent of calls with LVCSR without the masive computing power in the older systems.
Meanwhile Verint's new Impact 360 Advanced Speech Analytics for enterprises and the Impact 360 Speech Analytics Essentials solution designed for small and medium-sized contact centers uses both LVCSR and phonetics recognition.
Phonetic indexing requires less processing but LVCSR is more accurate
Finite-state transducer based Hungarian LVCSR with explicit modeling of phonological changes.
Engage Analyze enables audio mining up to 100 percent of calls, compared with limited {three to five percent sample races) in LVCSR speech-to-text systems but without the massive computing power these demand.
The patent-protected Impact 360 Speech Analytics Essentials, and the Impact 360 Advanced Speech Analytics solution, leverage both phonetics and LVCSR recognition -- the best combination of both speed and accuracy -- adding meaning and context to every word and phrase identified in every call processed without predefinition of terms.