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LVDLow Voltage Differential (SCSI)
LVDLow Voltage Disconnect
LVDLow Voltage Directive
LVDLLS (Laser Leveling System) Vertical Deviation
LVDLeft Ventricular Dysfunction
LVDLow Voltage Detector
LVDLarge Visual Display (for hearing- and sight-impaired)
LVDLac Vieux Desert
LVDLime Village, Alaska (Airport Code)
LVDLaser Video Disk
LVDLymph Vessel Density (often used when referring to cancer metastasis)
LVDLogical Volume Descriptor (OSTA universal disk format)
LVDLow Vision Device
LVDLow-Velocity Drop
LVDLow Velocity Detection
LVDLow-Voltage Discharge
LVDLast Visible Dog (band)
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The current LVD requires that only the brand name or the trade mark should be clearly printed on the product.
A surprise finding, however, was that LVD remitted in several patients, Dr.
Clinical studies show that carvedilol improves the heart's pumping action and helps people with LVD stay out of the hospital.
The aims of this study were (a) to investigate which of the natriuretic peptides, BNP, NT-proBNP, or NTproANP, performs best in the diagnosis of mild forms of LVD and (b) to investigate the impact of using different assays on the diagnostic performance of these natriuretic peptides.
The SledgeHammer Pro series consists of both LVD and Fibre channel based products including the stackable SLPRO2-LVD and the 12 bay SLPRO12-LVD available in JBOD or RAID configurations.
DataDirect Networks' MegaDrive E-8 LVD Network Storage Array, doubles the performance of its award-winning Ultra E-8 to 160 MB/sec.
The Pioneer DRM-7000 (which can house 2 to 16 drives) and the smaller scale DRM-3000 library (which houses 2 to 8 drives) can support both SE and LVD devices within the same unit.
The new multi-mode SCSI bus terminators announced today sense the operational state of the SCSI bus via the DIFFSENS bus signal and automatically switch to S/E or LVD operation as required, thereby allowing designers to order and implement a single device for newer LVD products and for the older SE devices that remain in use today.
Sometimes these are different types of SCSI controllers in a single box, such as single ended and LVD SCSI controllers.
Note: VendTek and LVD are registered trademarks or trademarks of VendTek Industries Inc.
This analysis concludes that LVD patients who obtain higher diastolic augmentation during EECP treatment receive better short and long-term cardiovascular related outcomes.
SCSI bus segment terminator issues for single-ended and multimode terminators need close attention, as multimode terminators are capable of LVD and single ended termination.