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LVDSLow Voltage Differential Signal(ing)
LVDSLow Voltage Differential SCSI
LVDSLow Voltage Data Signal
LVDSLow Volume Dissemination System
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Hitachi DPG said that integrating the LVDS data interface onto a TFT display module allows high speed digital transmission of the image data with low power consumption, excellent tolerance to transmission line effects and exceptional noise immunity which ensures a clear, crisp display image at all times.
The LVDS screened flat cables are a real alternative to twisted pairs and miniature coaxials for a lower cost and better performance.
The PowerWise DS25CP102Q 2 x 2 LVDS crosspoint switch delivers the industry's best jitter performance (6 ps typical) at data transmission rates up to 3.
The IDT LVDS fan-out buffers increase system dependability by providing redundant clocking with a mechanism to eliminate glitches when switching from one clock to another.
Mini-LVDS is a low-voltage, low-EMI version of LVDS that is used to drive row and column data to the LCD module within a display panel.
These LVDS buffers provide 7 kV of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and are well-suited for buffering signals from the new generation of 90 nanometer (nm) and 65 nm field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and applications-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).
Developed as a replacement for the widely used LVDS standard, DisplayPort handles video data transmissions between a computer's CPU or graphics controller and external display panels.
The AS1154 driver converts two low-voltage LVTTL/LVCMOS signals into LVDS output signals conforming to the ANSI TIA/EIA-644 LVDS standard while the AS1156 does the same, but with a single signal.
The LVDS outputs reduce system noise while decreasing the number of input/output (I/O) pins and traces, enabling easier signal routing and flexible system partitioning.
The comparator family supports all prevailing digital output stages--including LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling), CML (current-mode logic) and TTL/CMOS (transistor-transistor-logic/complementary metal oxide semiconductor)--required by applications such as medical instruments, test and measurement, RF (radio frequency) and telecommunications equipment.
Ideal for applications requiring high-speed data transmission, such as digital copiers, laser printers, cellphone base stations, telecom switches, and network switches/routers, the AS1150-52 quad ICs halve the supply current of competing products, improving the power consumption of LVDS interfaces.
LVDS Transmitters, Receivers Deliver 400 Mbps of Performance in Extreme Environments