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LVDTLinear Variable Differential Transformer
LVDTLinear Variable Differential Transducer
LVDTLinear Variable Displacement Transducer
LVDTLinear Voltage Differential Transformer
LVDTLinear-Velocity Displacement Transformer
LVDTLow Voltage Differential Transceiver
LVDTLow Voltage Differential Transducer
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In the past, AC-operated LVDT linear and RVDT rotary position sensors were fairly difficult to calibrate with traditional signal conditioners because they required an operator to adjust trimmer pots and/or set jumpers.
As with many of Measurement Specialties' LVDTs, the MHR series windings are vacuum impregnated with a specially formulated, high temperature, flexible resin, which provides protection against hostile environments such as high humidity, vibration and shock.
The latter has an internal glass scale for basic macromeasurement and an LVDT sensing element for the fine-tuning micromeasurement.
Schaevitz LLC, Alliance Sensors Group is very proud to release its LA-27-A series LVDT linear position sensors designed to handle the environment found around power generation turbines.
The LVDTs were fixed to the top plates while both the LVDT cores were connected with Invar steel rods to the bottom plate.
The gage system can be used with any type of dial indicators, digital indicators, or LVDT probes.
Accuracy of the modular fixtures is good, with resolution in the range of 5 to 15 millionths of an inch using LVDT probes.
Mated with ASG's SC-100 industrial LVT DIN-rail-mountable analog output signal conditioner, and LA-21-A LVDT becomes an ideal solution for typical industrial applications requiring rugged, accurate position sensors.
State-of-the-art low friction air bearing technology completes a system that provides superiority over traditional designs that employ LVDT technology, stepper motors and mechanical springs, according to the manufacturer.
Where space is limited, a separate gage head or an integrated LVDT can be mounted to the Auto Rest.