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LVFLoyalist Volunteer Force
LVFLeft Ventricular Function
LVFLeft Ventricular Failure
LVFLégion des Volontaires Français (French: Legion of French Volunteers)
LVFLinear Variable Filter
LVFLibertarian Victory Fund (political fundraising group)
LVFLavatory Vent Fan
LVFLine Voltage Fluctuation
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AT LEAST one of the LVF gang members behind the controversial murder of GAA club chairman Sean Brown was a Special Branch agent, investigators now believe.
At the time the LVF blamed the UVF for carrying out the gun attack.
Mr Wright told an inquest into his son's death that the INLA had issued a blanket threat to kill LVF prisoners and said the authorities had ignored three warnings that they were planning a "spectacular" inside the jail.
Security sources said an intelligence operation was still on-going and there was no solid information yet to suggest the LVF had landed an arms shipment.
The cold-blooded killing was yesterday claimed by the Red Hand Defenders, a cover name used by the LVF.
The weapons left the LVF stronghold under police guard and were handed over to the head of the decommissioning body, Canadian general John de Chastelain.
Deputy leader Mr Robinson claimed at Belfast Crown Court that LVF man Mark "Swinger" Fulton had told him about a planned attempt on his life.
A top local loyalist said: "The LVF has grown in strength and is not going to let this Drumcree go past without showing the UVF who's got the muscle in this part of the world.
The LVF leadership is trying to find him to return the cash and drugs or face possible execution.
The LVF pledge - which will put added pressure on the IRA to hand over their weapons - came after Mrs Mowlam recognised the LVF's ceasefire as genuine.
Some of the UVF's victims' relatives disputed claims they had LVF links.
The LVF had originally tried to murder east Belfast UDA leader Jim Gray, wrongly believing he was behind the hit.