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LVFLoyalist Volunteer Force
LVFLeft Ventricular Function
LVFLeft Ventricular Failure
LVFLégion des Volontaires Français (French: Legion of French Volunteers)
LVFLinear Variable Filter
LVFLibertarian Victory Fund (political fundraising group)
LVFLavatory Vent Fan
LVFLine Voltage Fluctuation
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John Grimshaw, managing director of Parrs Confectionary, said: Although they came highly recommended by a number of different business contemporaries, I was still surprised by the level of service provided by LVF.
However, confident of his own power base in and around Portadown, Wright set up the LVF.
IF Wright passed into the circle with one other LVF prisoner then Glennon was to shout: "Pass me the paints out of cell two".
Steve Richmond, works manager at LVF said: "The new air-cooled water chiller provided by ICS Industrial Cooling will provide the company with energy savings of over 14% per kilowatt hour, which will pay off the Carbon Trust loan within a few years, after that the savings will go straight onto our bottom line.
Christopher "Crip" McWilliams, along with INLA men John Kennaway, and John "Sonny" Glennon scaled a wall at the high security prison and ambushed the LVF chief known as King Rat, as he sat in a prison van, 11 years ago.
The LVF was formed by loyalist Billy Wright after the Ulster Volunteer Force leadership stood down his unit in 1996.
The UVF has been blamed for five murders and 15 attempted murders as part of its feud with the LVF.
The loyalist civil war has torn apart the fragile alliance between the maverick LVF and larger Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF).
But the ongoing spat assumed deadly proportions when the LVF murdered Richard Jameson - believed to be the the UVF's Mid Ulster Brigadier - outside his home.
today announced that it completed the divestiture of its LVF valve unit, located near Bergamo, Italy, on December 16, 2003.