LVICLiverpool Victoria Insurance Company (UK)
LVICLow Voltage Integrated Circuit (electronics)
LVICLow Vision Information Center (Bethesda, MD)
LVICLeft Ventricular Isotonic Contraction (cardiology)
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Integrating fully tested three HVICs, one LVIC, six NPT IGBTs, six FRDs and three bootstrap diodes into a compact 44mm X 26.
Each FCBS0550 (500V/5A) and FCBS0650 (500V/6A) Motion-SPM integrates six MOSFETs, three HVICs and one LVIC into a single, compact thermally efficient module.
To eliminate external components and increase system reliability, each Motion-SPM integrates six IGBTs, six freewheeling diodes, three HVICs, one LVIC and one thermistor in one compact module.