LVIDDLeft Ventricular Internal Dimension-Diastole
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Researchers found no significant differences between groups at baseline, but at six months, patients taking BiDil plus standard therapy had significant decreases in LVIDD and significant increases in LVEF as compared to patients taking placebo plus standard therapy.
The observed changes in LVIDD and LVEF in these severe heart failure patients were statistically significant and are consistent with the clinical outcomes from A-HeFT," commented Dr.
cQTD - corrected QT interval dispersion, DBP - diastolic blood pressure, IVSd - interventricular septal diameter, LVIDD - left ventricular internal diastolic diameter, LVISD- left ventricular internal systolic diameter, LVMI - left ventricular mass index, M/F - male/female, PWd - posterior wall diameter, RWT - relative wall thickness, SBP - systolic blood pressure