LVIDsLeft Ventricular Internal Dimension In Systole
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The following M-mode measurements were done: LV internal dimensions at both diastole and systole (LVIDd and LVIDs respectively), LV posterior wall dimensions at diastole and systole (LVPWd and LVPWs respectively), interventricular septal dimensions at both diastole and systole (IVSd and IVSs, respectively).
04 Groups/Variables LVIDs, cm Sham-control baseline 0.
Our results showed that; although MI-control rats developed progressive VR (characterized by progressive LV dilation, associated with increased EDV, LVEDP and decreased FS, SV, CO and EF) both in early and sub-acute period of MI, there was a significant limitation on VR (shown by the less increase in LVID and EDV together with slight decrease in ER CO, FS and SV) in the MI-nebivolol group.