LVIPLehigh Valley Industrial Park, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
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Lincoln Investment Advisors Corporation (LIAC) serves as the investment advisor to the LVIP Protected Profile Funds and the LVIP Protected American Allocation Funds.
Lincoln Also Expands Fund Lineup for American Legacy Products Lincoln is also introducing the LVIP American Preservation Fund, a new fixed income fund for Lincoln's American Legacy variable annuities.
As people look to maintain their lifestyle into retirement, they need to be able to maximize their income, while protecting the account values of their retirement portfolios in volatile markets, and that's what our LVIP Protected Asset Allocation series of funds is all about," said Daniel Hayes, Vice President, Funds Management, Lincoln Financial Group.
About Lincoln Variable Insurance Products Trust The LVIP Protected Profile Funds are five separate series of the Lincoln Variable Insurance Products Trust, a registered investment company offered solely to separate accounts that fund variable annuity and variable life insurance contracts of The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, its affiliates, and third party insurance companies.
The LVIP Vanguard ETF Funds provide exposure to domestic and international exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Vanguard's at-cost indexing expertise.
Lincoln Financial's investment management expertise coupled with American Fund's consistent investment philosophy provides a strong foundation for these new LVIP American Allocation Funds," said Dan Hayes, Head of Funds Management, Retirement Solutions, Lincoln Financial Group.
The combined assets from the LVIP and the JPVF Trusts result in $12B for the new LVIP Trust.
Bossert, representing LVIP as environmental counsel, analyzed the risks and assisted LVIP in negotiating the environmental terms of the agreement by which 1000 acres -- once used for steel making for more than 100 years -- was purchased as a future industrial park (LVIP VII).
LVIP will use the funds to construct new water, sanitary and storm water systems, new utilities, roadways, sidewalks and curbs.
LVIP, a non-profit, economic development corporation whose mission is to attract industry and jobs to the Lehigh Valley, is spearheading the development of the site to create a premier business center known as LVIP VII at Bethlehem Commerce Center.
We believe this relationship can be mutually beneficial to Pro Golf, Ajay and LVIP.