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LVMLogical Volume Manager
LVMLiikenne- ja Viestintäministeriö (Finnish: Ministry of Transport and Communications; Helsinki)
LVMLeft Ventricular Mass
LVMLandwirtschaftlicher Versicherungsverein Muenster (German insurance company)
LVMLinux Virtual Machine
LVMLas Vegas Monorail
LVMLivingston, Montana (Airport Code)
LVMLatent Variable Model
LVMLeft Voice Mail
LVMLine Verification Module
LVMLow Volatility Metals
LVMLuzon, Visayas, Mindanao (main islands in the Philippines)
LVMLeast-squares Variational Method
LVMLarge Volume Mailer (Canada Post)
LVMLarge Volume Manager
LVMLayered Video Multicast
LVMLas Vegas Magazine (Henderson, NV)
LVMLiquid Vacuum Melt
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In contrast to BMC, CA ESP Workload Automation provides a browser-based graphical interface, which allows us to quickly and easily depict network processes," said JE-rgen Falk, project manager at LVM Versicherungen.
Indeed, LVMs are becoming a standard part of most modern server operating systems.
However, little has been studied on the effect of alkali on stainless steels, particularly on 316 LVM towards corrosion resistance.
The Lincoln Building's leasing and managing agent, and CRESA Partners, which represented LVM in lease negotiations.
In the present study, we hypothesized that acceptable VIA LVM Monitor comparative mean differences, SD of differences, stability, and trouble-free use would be observed in the context of a prospective in vivo multicenter clinical trial in which different makes and models of instruments in use at different study sites functioned as comparison analyzers and in a single-site in vitro split-sample comparison of the VIA LVM Monitor with a single comparison analyzer.
The LVM is a patient-attached, in-line system which means that blood used for analysis is returned to the patient after the test is completed.
We needed a Linux-based desktop client that had a clear and future commitment to the desktop to ensure that we were getting the type of hardware coverage we needed," said Werner Schmidt, CIO at LVM Versicherung.
Given our tight deadline for this project, it just would not have been possible to carry out the inspections using pencil and paper," said Yves Branconier, Service Director, LVM.
LVM re-inspected the slope in August and in September recommended that a walkway be limited to the paved shoulder of existing country roads in the area.
Conclusion: We showed that the SP provides a more sensitive parameter for the evaluation of early hypertrophic remodeling as compared to separated evaluation of LVM and QRS voltage already in subjects with no signs of cardiac target organ involvement according to current clinical classification.
Weather-related risks are normally assumed by the construction company, LVM noted.
CA to Phase Out BMC Software and Help LVM Establish an Integrated Management System for its Existing and New Technologies -- CA ESP Workload Automation to Deliver Higher Productivity, Cost Control, and Reduced Risk