LVMDLeft Ventricular Mass-Devereux
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The existing LVMD to be extended for additional installation / connection a stand-alone NEA (power system 480 kVA), to be performed outdoors as container solution.
housing loan LVMD temporary measure,2500 m cables / wires,900 m laying systems / pipes,50 pcs.
Low-voltage switchgear 2-piece, 2 500 A,Amenities LVMD space,3 imput with LS2 500 A,Dome field for 2 500 A,4 feeder panels for NH disconnectors with terminal compartment for NH separator bar GR3: 4 pieces,NH separator bar GR1: 30 pieces,NH separator bar GR0: 30 pieces,15 m busbar 2500 A,170 NYCWY to 240 mmA,about 190 m NHXCHFE 180-120 mm,Cable sleeves,Junction box,Junction boxes FE,Starting: Expected Juli 2015th
Static UPS system 80 kVA 10 min;- LVMD 5 fields;- Raised floor about 80 mA;- Electrical sub-distributions about 26 pcs .